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[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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There is disclosed a spark plug testing kit allowing for safe and convenient testing of petrol engines comprising a spark observation device; a spark plug opening engaging device; and an earth lead electrically connecting the spark observation device and the spark plug opening engaging device. The spark observation device comprises a transparent observation chamber so as to allow for the viewing of the spark gap of a spark plug installed therein in use. The observation chamber is substantially airtight so as to substantially prevent or reduce the possibility of the inadvertent ignition of fuel. The spark plug opening engaging device is configured for engaging a spark plug opening of the spark plug once the spark plug has been removed for observation so as to substantially prevent debris from falling in through the opening and serve as an engine block electrical connection contact for the earth lead. Furthermore, the spark plug opening engaging device comprises at least one exhaust for chamber decompression.

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Seeking investors, Partners Licensees for our newly patented product. Australia 201590155 - US 10,113527 B2 and pending in 32 other countries Link A spark Plug Tester Kit A new O H & S product. It instantly Diagnoses why any petrol engine will not start. and genuine inline spark tester it uses a spark Plug not a globe, Fully insulated It safely and accurately checks your spark plug for spark. ( No more naked sparks to cause fires, injury deaths ) and no more hits from the coil. The only one in the world. Spark Plugs were invented 148 years ago and nothing until now on the market to safely and accurately test them for spark. ( Hard to believe but true ) A well known fact all over the net Spark Plug Inline Testers cannot test Spark Plugs. Spark Plugs need approximately 10000 volts to start an engine. they cannot tell the difference between a strong spark and a weak one. they can and do give you false readings. You can spend hours looking for problems elsewhere that does not exist. On sale now and selling world wide. " Saving Lives" 90% mark up and room for much more. Results trade show: 6 out of 10 sales. - Random visits to motor vehicle : 1 in 3 sales
The tester was specially designed for to diagnose starting problems with small single cylinder engines used in the building, gardening, and D. I. Y. industry. After some experimenting we discovered there was also nothing on the market to accurately and safely diagnose why the current motor car would not start. no electronics available to diagnose the problem. "Hard to believe but true". The simple inexpensive Spark Plug Tester again the only one in the world that can instantly, accurately and safely tell whether the problem is petrol/gas. Frustrated with false readings from spark testers people are going back to the old and dangerous way of testing the spark plug. " that is removing the spark plug from the engine. connecting the high voltage lead " up to 60000 volts " to the spark plug then 1 person earth it to the engine block while a second person turns the key to turn over the engine results a naked spark and a large quantity of fuel pumped out of the engine through the plug hole after the plug had been removed.. Results: fires, injury, deaths all over the world. No need for this to ever happen again, our fully insulated O H & S product selling around the world has solved the problem when used as instructed. Easy, Safe and accurate to use, means anyone with any type of petrol engine is a potential customer. a long overdue product that everyone should have in their tool box contact Full list of sales, accidents available on request including names. All correspondence: John Leeson. / inventor Director and Darren Leeson. director. [Use the button below to contact me]