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Induction by irritation of the electromagnetic spectrum waves

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This invention is speaking about production of safe green energy , Production for human use in supplying systems and networks .rnrn The invention can finish the energy problems and safety for the planet earth. rn The benefits are so many that we will refer to some of them .rn-it produce more energy and all the time with less need of space and total flexibility. rn-it can got any color so it is becoming a part of our constructions. rn-it can work in systems and networks to assure safety of the Earth. rn-it can be used in space , earth and Bio.rn-it will help to create bionic eye. rn-it can help in Nano micro and Micron Medicine robotics ( other Patent that we have).rn-it can be used in any system groups and production enterprises. rn-it can help in the evolution of the high speed middles in sea ,earth, air and space ( another patent that we have).rn-it can be in any glass construction to offer more energy as cars , houses etc.rn-it can be used for energy in clothes .rn-it can be the energy tower for smart electronics. rn-it can be used in a special heating systems .rn-it can be the energy source for the electric cars and the electric middles for the supplying systems .

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