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The invention is related to horizontal axis wind turbines and the patent describes a new, more efficient/economical design and control mechanism for HAWTs. We believe that this new turbine design surpasses those currently in use. Please contact me at 517-648-9522 if you have any questions or interests. Check out my youtube page for animations and more details in the descriptions. Link

The problems that the new (tested) concepts solve are many. These include but are not limited to: maintenance issues, efficiency issues, noise issues, cluttering issues, durability issues.

The benefits of this technology compared to existing conventional wind turbines are many, these include but are not limited to:

(1) The allowance of multiple generators connected in parallel or series which allows for the capture of weaker and stronger wind strengths. This set up also allows for the wind turbine to continue operating even if some generators stop working. Most importantly, this system allows for a greater overall flexibility in regards to the use of generators and is easier to maintain. The details are described in the patent

(2) No need for a separate yawing mechanism, or a breaking mechanism (Also does not require downtime to unwind). The new system uses a counter rotating bevel gear mechanism that introduces new flexibilities that do not exist in current conventional turbines, such as, the allowance of two counter rotating turbines to be connected to a single system, the distribution of power transmitted within the turbine system which allows for greater durability, and no necessity for a breaking system to prevent the nacelle from turning away from the wind or a yawing mechanism.

(3) Greater flexibility with overall design of interior. (Nacelle is not cluttered)

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