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Shrouded wind turbine with dual coaxial airflow passageways

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This is a unique new form of vertical-axis renewable energy system for converting wind power into electrical energy. The clean energy system generally includes wind intakes, a shroud fluidly connected to the intakes, and a turbine rotatably positioned within the shroud. Significantly, the rotating wheel of this new kind of wind turbine can be used as a flywheel to actually store energy, new technology much needed and not available for use with a regular horizontal-axis wind turbine.
Those who support the so-called Green New Deal will enjoy seeing this new, futuristic and disruptive technology put into operation in America's better wind zones. The creation of this new wind turbine was inspired by a personal challenge to come up with a better wind turbine in a new form that can be placed near people and homes, such as on the roof-tops of all manner of buildings. Significantly, there are no observable blades or moving parts to threaten humans or birds, since the rotating wheel is double enclosed.
This brand new technology was assessed by Texas Tech University, America's premier "wind college," and it received a very favorable assessment analysis. Please take a few moments to look at the attending YouTube video when you look at the website showcasing the new invention: