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Hydro mechanics

[Category : - OTHER- RENEWABLE ENERGY- Motors]
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I would like to sell a patent. This is a international breaking climat technological innovation.

I developed S. Meyer water powered engine. Without using his patent. I can describe, demonstrate detailed how these mechanics works, can be produced, or existing engines can easy be converted. For cars, boats, ships, busses, trucks, airplanes, trains, large and mini plants for home, business, industry. Cars can be used as a mini powerplant for homes, business, offices. Consuming minimum water, rainwater, seawater, riverwater. Comparing with other expensive hydro technology. This innovation can be cheap sold massive international. It can be available for all customers. Especially with mass production, groupsales.

The market is international huge. To replace for example solar panel business by local shops, franchise. To end fuel costs, expensive electricity contracts and energy costs.

Comparing with the trillion dollar oil business. This patent is worth more.
I want to sell it for starting 50 million dollars. Providing endless mechanical support and advice. This innovation is the 21c climate revolution global.

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