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Hands-Free Diaper Bag (Tiny-Tote-Along Diaper Bag)

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Hands-Free Diaper Bag
The Tiny-Tote-Along Diaper Bag is an innovative solution to an old fashion problem. No one enjoys lugging around a bulky diaper bag while carrying and transporting infants. Our Patent-Pending design provides a “Hands Free” approach to the conventional Diaper Bag which rests on a shoulder of the caregiver. The Tiny-Tote-Along Diaper Bag was specifically designed for parents to have a diaper bag which provides quick and easy attachment to any Infant Car Seat, Shopping Cart Handle, Sporting Event Chair, Stroller, and much more.

Diaper Bag Which Fits in Parent’s Pockets
The Tiny-Tote-Along Diaper Bag is the only product on the market that easily folds up and fits into a parent’s pocket. As demonstrated, a parent can fold-up the Tiny-Tote-Along Diaper Bag and place it into a pocket while escorting infants and small children to a restroom. The Tiny-Tote-Along is ideal for parents who want a remedy for a bulky diaper bag and just seek the bare essentials for a diaper change. The Tiny-Tote-Along is light weight weighing less than 1 pound when fully supplied with diapers and baby wipes. The light weight design provides an ergonomically friendly alternative for Parents and Grandparents. The Tiny-Tote-Along Diaper Bag is an effortless alternative which is great for traveling in the car, dining in restaurants, attending sporting events, shopping, and other family events.

Financial information

Financial Information:

Patent Valuation:
Global Baby Market:
Booming Baby Market: UNICEF reports 131.4 million births per year and the global baby market is increasing in gross profits of 70.4 billion dollars per year.

The Tiny-Tote-Along Diaper Bag is aligned in the Baby Product market which U.S. Consumer reported a substantial increase in spending.

Utility and Design Patents Completed for this Product:

Patent Valuation: This product is novel and the only Hands-Free Diaper Bag on the Market and has demonstrated success with Major Retailers (Wal-Mart, Buy, Buy, Baby and Kohls).

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