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Device/method for containment and elimination of toxic aerosols

[Category : - HEALTH- Bathroom- Cleaning devices]
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A device for detection, collection, containment, neutralization, and elimination of aerosolized contaminants has a lid that fully covers an edge of a toilet bowl for containment of exiting aerosolized contaminants. The lid including a main lid section and a single piece lid cap, with the single piece lid cap having a housing for accommodating an article. The single piece lid cap having a first vent located normal to a natural vertical upward move of the aerosolized contaminants, and a second vent at a back end of the single piece lid cap, oriented substantially parallel to the vertical upward movement of the aerosolized contaminants. The aerosolized contaminants are detected, collected, contained, neutralized, and eliminated by the article within the housing, allowing only uncontaminated air out of the second vent through a natural upward movement of the aerosolized contaminants.

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