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Vane pump

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"Pump with hinged blades in which the edge sealing the paddle does not touch the lip of the housing during the full rotation of the rotor".
It is a positive displacement pump and, as the name suggests, the pendulous pump hinges of the pump have a sealing face, which edge does not touch the casing during full rotation of the impeller. A micro-gap is maintained between the sealing edge and the casing, despite the cyclic movement of the swinging blades up and down.rnPlease contact those seeking innovative products and are genuinely interested in the practical possible application of the invention as a product. I will send fuller information to interested people, revealing the ideas and essence of the invention using drawings.
The most important features of "VANE PUMP":

The sealing lip (13) on the swinging blade (2) does not touch the pump housing during the full rotation of the impeller.
In the sector of the circular edge (7) of the housing where the pumping process takes place and the medium is extruded, the face of the sealing bar (13) of the vane blade during the rotor rotation does not touch the circular edge (7), because the pitch range of the vane (2) is limited due to contact of the limiter (3) with a lock (4), or in another embodiment, when the stop (18) and the lock (19) are above the blade (Fig.6). Due to the use of this blockade of extreme blade deflection, the pressure pressures acting on the blades (2) from the bottom are deposited on the blockade, which results in the lack of pressure of the blades and wear of both the sealing strip (13) and the circular edge (7) (micro-slots (16) )).
On the housing sections (10), (8), (9), the blades (2) slide alternately on skids (14), and (15), which results in no contact of the sealing strip (13) with the casing. During the sliding of the blades, their skids on the casing sections (10), (8), (9) on the blades do not have the pump pressure force due to pressure equalization over and under the blade.
The fixed partition for the pump pressure creates the impeller with its circular fragments (6) cooperating with the circular edge of the casing (8) closing the vane (2) in the middle during the passage to the suction zone. Smooth curves (9) and (10) have inlet or outlet channels along their entire length, resulting in low hydraulic resistance. Zone (21) is the point of transition from skid (14) to slide on the skid (15), and the sealing strip (13) does not touch the curve (10) at this point, because the circular arc (7) is slightly larger than the arch curve (10).
The sealing strip (13) can be made of a bronze alloy as a strip over a dimension. During the first period of operation of the pump, the bar (13) presses the pressure to the circular edge (7), which results in grinding of the strip until a micro gap (16) between them is created.)

The proposed pump design enables the pump to be used for pumping water, or aqueous solutions, and other medium, including gases. It can also be a hydraulic or pneumatic engine, or a vacuum pump after modification reducing the harmful space.

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