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Memory Foam Orthopedic Pet Bed

[Category : - PET PRODUCTS]
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An orthopedic cushion for a support humans and animals, particularly domestic pets, includes a plurality of layers including a padding layer of slow recovery visco-elastic foam providing the orthopedic advantages of reducing pressure points and facilitating blood flow, a supporting padding layer of material which supports the slow recovery visco-elastic foam while providing additional loft and cushioning, a protective liner of a flexible waterproof yet breathable material protecting the padding from liquids of all nature, and a washable fabric cover. The pet bed of the present invention is orthopedic, washable, stain-resistant, hypoallergenic, and comfortable.

Financial information

Americans are spending more on pets than ever before:
$72 Billion!

American Pet Products Association (APPA), announced today new annual industry-wide spending figures, exceeding last year's spending by more than $3 billion. Pet care spending in 2018 reached a record-breaking high of $72.56 Billion compared to $69.51 Billion in 2017, an increase of over 4%. Pet beds are the third largest category in pet products.

The product has been successfully sold for 15 years. On an E-commerce site and with major retailers such as Target, Brookstone, Wayfair,, Cabelas, and many, many more.

This patent has been successfully defended against infringement - TWICE.

The reason it is for sale is because I retired.

All offers will be considered.

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