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The ChessCube

[Category : - Board games- Toys and games]
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The ChessCube
Classic ChessCube is played on a square cube with each side representing a chess board with eight rows and eight columns.
But the boards may have different counts of rows and columns(4X4,6X6,8X8 and so on).
The movements rules are the same as in the classic chess game but pieces can travel all around the cube and pawns can go any directions. Players may apply rule what pieces can make the transition from board to another board with one move only.
Each player begins the game with as many pieces of the specified color as players agree with.
The pieces may have magnets attached to the bodies or magnets inside the bodies.
The ChessCube can be made fully electronic, so every side represented by touch screen display.
The microprocessor may be inside this cube and controls the game in accordance with players inputs.

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