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Sinus Rinse Device with Flow Control

[Category : - HEALTH]
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The present invention, “Sinus Rinse Device with Flow Control” relates to the devices designed for irrigation and rinsing of nasal passages and sinuses with a suitable liquid such as saline solution to clear or relief the congestion of such passages and sinuses of the user.

The advantages of the present invention can be listed as follows:
1. The present invention is very simple in design and parts, and therefore, is reliable.
2. The present invention prevents the extra liquid with excessive hydraulic pressure from getting into the nasal passages and related cavities and sinuses. Therefore, it protects the said nasal passages and related cavities and sinuses against the physical damage and harm caused by the excessive liquid and pressure.
3. Using the present invention, equalizing the inner and ambient pressure of the bottle is possible after each squeeze by means of the pressure equalizer valve.
4. the present invention prevents the liquid in the nozzle chamber from returning back into the bottle. This improves the hygiene of the liquid and the device and therefore, the user’s personal hygiene, dramatically.
5. If the alternative combination of the helical capillary tube and the check valve is used, due to the design of the helical capillary tube, passage of the excessive pressure or liquid through the nozzle is prevented more effectively. In such case, the return of the liquid into the nozzle unit is prevented by the check valve.
6. If the alternative flexible accordion-type body together with the flexible tube is used, the washing liquid could be dispensed easier and, comparing to the conventional type, the residual washing liquid could considerable reduced between two refill of the Sinus Rinse Device with Flow Control.

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