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[Category : - SOFTWARES]
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A system and method utilizes information collected and stored in a database, and dynamically and visually builds up an interior location map or table with information on occupants within the structure or building; the map or table is accessible upon request by internet and mobile device users.

The invented technology utilizes existing data in your database and dynamically generates 3rd dimensional information over digital map for Internet and onsite mobile users. And further it provides marketing function for occupants within a building or a premise.

The organized information is presented in the forms of 2 or 3 dimensional table or interior structure map with or without complete information on business tenants and interior structure of a building or a premise. Please refer to claim section of the patent.

This feature may be generated effortlessly without requiring to collecting extra data or research interior structures of buildings. It is particularly feasible and important considering colossal works may have to be involved in well-developed countries like the US, and meanwhile it is impossible to collect such information in many of the 3rd world countries and rapidly changing world even for companies yours.

Such approach allowing users get all the information within a commercial premise with just a single click/ a touch and your company will have ad sales to bring in revenue!

Please note users, including yourself, are more interested in getting information with who are in the building and where to find them, rather than what physical structure of a building or premise is!

Currently Google, Bing, Apple, Samsung, Buidu maps only display one piece of information regardless how big the commercial building is and how many businesses it has in the building, and even with satellite imaging there are only a few businesses littered on the building image.

The patent is now ready for licensing, and the same patent is pending in China as while.

It is a must-to-have feature and function rather sooner than later, and I wish that your company be the first one to activate them, not the later!

Please feel free to contact me shall you have any questions.

Financial information

By applying the feature and function with the patented technology companies may save billions of dollars while generate billions from its marketing function that enables small companies and real estate properties for sales or rent to have direct marketing access to online and onsite mobile users.