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Diesel Fuel Saver for Diesel Fuel Injected Engines

[Category : - Automotive Accessories - Organic Chemistry- RENEWABLE ENERGY]
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Free heat or scavenged heat from the coolant system or circulating oil from the crankcase of an internal combustion engine supplies heat to a fuel pre-heater causing the liquid fuel to become superheated and partially vaporized. Liquid fuel preferably diesel is converted from a fluid at ambient temperature to a superheated fuel breaking down the hydrocarbons bonds of the fuel (cracking) before being sent directly to the fuel injectors. Water fog may be added to the air intake manifold. Catalysts inside the fuel preheater also aid in breaking down the fuel (cracking). The fuel pre-heater also operates as a coolant/oil filter to remove debris and sludge from the circulating coolant water or circulating crankcase oil of an internal combustion engine. Fuel efficiency has repeatedly been tested to increase 20% or better with highway driving.; Exhaust emissions have been tested to show 20% or more reductions in greenhouse gases.

Financial information

+ We are looking to license our products

+ Our products have been selling in the Global Market for over 10

+ The market potential is in the hundreds of millions of dollars based the amount of existing diesel engines that our products will retrofit

+ We have five other Patents that have been issued or are in pending status that are all related to our unique technology

+ We also hold a trademark for the product name VAPSTER

+ Our website discusses our products in detail please visit

+ We have various videos on our products on YouTube. Search for VapsterDiesel

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