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Semi Truck Fuel Saving Device

[Category : - OTHER- Automotive Accessories - Organic Chemistry]
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Fuel Saving Device for Semi Trucks and Large Generator Types

The Proprietary Catalyst Technology uses Physics and Chemistry to prepare the fuel for combustion. After the Fuel is prepared it allows diesel fuel to burn more completely results in fuel mileage gains from 12% to 25% depending on the application.

These devices are very desirable in locations where the price of Diesel is over $5.00.

A fuel heater and vaporizing system comprising an engine; a source of fuel coupled to the engine through a fuel supply line; multiple stages of thermal sources thermally coupled to the fuel supply line between the source of fuel and the engine, wherein the multiple stages of thermal sources are configured to heat the fuel; at least one catalyst system configured to supply a source of ions and H2 coupled to the fuel supply, and a sustainable water injection sub-system coupled to the engine, the sustainable water injection sub-system configured to inject water vapor into the engine.

Financial information

Products have been on the
Global Market for over 10 years.

The Market Potential is in the Billions of Dollars according to the number of Diesel Applications available.

The customer's return on investment is usually 9 months to 14 months depending on usage by the end user.

Huge markets to be tapped include maritime, locomotives, crane, and heavy equipment.

Products in use provide 100% satisfaction by customers.

These products are available to licensees.

Terms are to be determined.

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