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App for selfies in real-time from live hd imaging satellites

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Field of invention: mobile device application that allows the user to acquire live photos and pictures in real time of his/her current location at that moment including a self image almost anywhere on earth in “true real-time” or near real time (1 second delay); all the time by the app taking a delayed screenshot automatically after a fixed time span (e.g. 3 seconds) of the live imagery shown on the user’s mobile device window from advanced imaging satellites of Earth observatory. The user must have his/her location services turned on on his/her mobile device to use the mobile application. The user can save the photos to his/her photo library on mobile device. rnrnIt solves the problem of the perfect selfie. Selfie sticks or holding the phone up just doesnt get the job done right. Also, nobody will have to step out of the picture anymore to snap the picture let the live satellite do it for you.rnrnNo competition. There is a company called Earthnow you can read about them on funded by big corporations such as softbank and airbus group and billionaires such as bill gates that will soon install live hd video cameras satellites into space for the world to watch any place on earth live. Unlike Earthnow, autocap passes privacy regulations for selfies because it only works from user’s current location via mobile device.

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