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Polymor decorative substitute for ceramic moulding

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A method includes: mounting a rail on a wall; mounting a fixture ( decorative moulding) on the rail by interlocking a channel of the fixture to the rail; Mounting a replacement fixture( Moulding) of a different style or color, on the rail by interlocking a channel of the replacement fixture to the rail. with minimal effort. This design allows easy removal and replacement of decorative moulding. rnrnThe moulding itself is designed to hold decorative panels( tiles or ceramilite) in place between rails with out the use of Glue. Therefore there is no damage to the wall behind panels when removing or repairing. Thus saving cost of drywall repairs. rnrnThis system can be used in various locations and industries.rnIE: Mirror frame on wall mounted mirror. Chair rail in hotel hallways to prevent wall damage from carts. decorative borders in bedrooms and dining areas.

Financial information

This is a inexpensive way to do a home renovation and add a backsplash or chair rail for 1/2 the cost of ceramic tile. The renovation has minimal downtime and saves you money and time!

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