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Device for QUICKLY LEARNING MUSICAL SCALES on string instruments

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I developed a material for studying musical scales on string instruments that helps and greatly facilitates the life of the student of Music through the stimulation of their visual memory. I obtained an integral patent (US10121458B1) as a method and device - all 20 patent applications were accepted in full by the USPTO.

In general, these are strategic didactic maps printed in adhesive material to be attached directly to the instrument arm (kits come with manuals and other secondary complements). Unlike other devices with visual cues to attach to the instrument, my product has been tested and certified as a consistent methodology, capable of stimulating learner memory with information and associations that will remain even after devices are removed.

Through the grouping of rectangles with information on both the note and the degree it represents in the scale, makes it possible to learn or memorize a scale formula on account of the visual stimulus. As the musical intervals are counted from a root note, it also becomes possible to know all the geometries formed by each type of them.

The mastery of such subjects is essential to the development of the learner and requires much study and dedication. Such a procedure becomes much faster and more effective with visual stimulus support!

Finally, in addition to the strategic exposition of the intervals, all the tonic, third and fifths of the root tonality receive special markings colors that highlight the formation of the CAGED system in the arm of the instrument. Allowing the apprentice to memorize each of the 5 types of digits formed by the scales associated with one of the main chord formats that get original in such a way! A powerful and strategic didactic tool!

Financial information

Being the USA the countries with the greatest number of musical instrument apprentices, my product has a great potential of customers.

For now, it is a product aimed at any intermediate student (we already have a target audience considerable by this criterion). But if schools can apply or understand the value of the visual method, then we could reach a large share of all Music students (it would be our goal!)

Since I am from São Paulo, Brazil, I am looking for a partner to develop and market in the USA.

As it is a facilitator, the price is given because of its function and not the materials used in the device. The profit is around 5-7 times the cost of the materials used.

remark: I am not interested in selling the patent, but rather find an interested partner so that we can develop and market the product. Please, contact me!

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