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Free Up the unburned fuel that passes out your tailpipe everyday.
It is estimated that 30-40% of the fuel that enters your engine's combustion chambers leaves unburned. Some of it burns in the exhaust manifold, some of burns in the catalytic converter, and the super long organic carbon chains, simply pass out the tailpipe.

To convert this wasted fuel to usable fuel the fuel can be treated before it enters the combustion chamber. Our invention uses chemistry and physics to do just that. Expanding the molecules of carbon chains allows more surface area for oxygen to attach itself and increase the combustion process. Using our heating methods and ionization methods the combustion of fuel is more complete and this proof shows up as follows: lower exhaust manifold temperature drops of 100-150 degrees F., decrease in exhaust emissions especially NOx, increase in horsepower (For Diesel Engines), and lower fuel consumption (up to 28%) depending on application).

Free heat from an exhaust manifold of an internal combustion engine or an electric heater supplies heat to a vaporizer. Gasoline or Diesel is converted from fluid to vapor in the vaporizer and sent directly to the fuel injectors. Water fog may be added to the air intake manifold. One embodiment adds a catalyst to the vaporizer to convert gasoline to propane vapor. Fuel efficiency from 30 to 43 miles per gallon has been tested.

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It is hard to imagine all the applications in the world that use a type of fuel to run an engine. Some applications include ships, locomotives, Semi-Trucks, delivery vehicles, personal cars, commercial fishing boats, motorcycles, lawn tractors, Military Tanks and generators. This is such a short list. So think of the millions of barrels of fuel that don't burn in the engines' combustion chambers but outside of the engine.

These engine fuel savers can save the people on this planet billions of dollars of wasted fuel every day.

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