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Want free fuel? This is real!!

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Water is the fuel of the future in the present!
It really works!

We offer for sale a complete and exclusive package of intellectual property rights to patents and know-how (information on technology, materials and reactions, how to manage these reactions) in relation to the internal combustion engine for automotive and other equipment using as fuel - water, simple, does not require special cleaning and/or preparation.
The method of operation of such engines has a patent of the Russian Federation (reactions and processes of internal combustion engines) and is physically and technically justified (the owner of patents and technologies developed on its basis is the Seller).
The developed engine consumes only water in the fuel tank. Methods and know-how, providing sufficient energy for the reaction with the release of energy, currently has no analogues in the world and is not used.
There is a working prototype:
used Daewoo Matiz engine, model F8CV;
the working volume of 796 cubic centimeters;
3 cylinders, 6 valves, 2 valves per cylinder;
compression ratio 9.3;
rated output power (when using gasoline) is 51 horsepower (of 37.51 kW) at 5,900 rpm;
maximum torque (when using gasoline) - 72 Newton per meter at 4,400 rpm;
rated fuel consumption (when using the petrol is 6.3 litres per 100 kilometres (1.66 gallon per 62 miles) .

When used as fuel water (reactor installed directly before the injection system):
the achieved power of the engine of 43 horsepower (31.63 kW) at 5500 rpm;
torque - 85 Newtons per meter at 4,400 rpm;
fuel consumption (of water) at 4000-5000 rpm 2 litres per hour (comparable mileage 150 kilometers) - 0.53 gallon per 93.2 miles.

Water does not require special cleaning, only removal of mechanical impurities to prevent damage to the elements and systems of the engine. The process of refueling and providing fuel does not require special conditions and/or infrastructure, can be done anywhere. The engine and fuel are absolutely safe in the process of use both for humans (fire safety) and for the environment - during the combustion of water no harmful substances are released, there is no toxic contamination of air, soil and water. In addition, in the manufacture of the developed engine, there is no increase in environmental pollution more than in the production of modern motors.

Financial information

Financial information

The market for hydrogen and renewable energy is currently estimated at about us$100 billion.
The market and financial indicators are expected to grow up to 7% annually.
According to experts, by 2025 the market of "green" technologies related to the use of water, hydrogen can be more than 140 billion us dollars.
The invention (patent rights and rights to use know-how) can significantly affect the growth of the market, since the developed engine is more expensive than its gasoline counterpart by no more than 15%, while providing significant fuel savings (more than 80%). Maintenance of the motor is carried out in accordance with modern technical regulations and does not require additional costs.

Under the proposed terms of sale, the Seller cedes all patent rights and loses the opportunity to demand from the Buyer any other payments and royalties, while in the period established by the contract transfers to the Buyer all technical and technological documentation that ensures the launch of the developed product in production and on sale

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