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Paint Brush/roller cleaning and storage holder

[Category : - OTHER- Appliances and houseware- Cleaning devices]
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I have a paint brush rack, patent number 8100272. I think this patent would fit great with your company and greatly increase revenues.
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• Provides a convenient way to dry and store paint rollers and brushes
• Supports the rollers and brushes in a freestanding position
• Facilitates quick, even drying and storing without damaging the bristles
• Prevents people from throwing brushes away after one use
• Accommodates several rollers and brushes at the same time

It is difficult to properly and thoroughly dry rollers and brushes after painting. Also to properly store brushes and rollers without damage. Some people may rinse the rollers and brushes and lay them flat to dry. Others may place them in a bucket or pail to dry in an upright position. Unfortunately, these methods do not expose all sides of the rollers and brushes to air, preventing them from drying evenly and quickly, and without damage. Additionally, some people may throw rollers and brushes away after each use, but this is expensive and not very practical.

Paint drying/storage rack affords convenience and practicality wen drying paint rollers and brushes. This innovative product comprises a rectangular drying rack, made from durable plastic, enable metal, or other suitable material. Across the top of the rack on either side is a series of hooks on which brushes can hang in a freestanding position exposing all sides of the brushes. On each end of the rack are tow vertical assemblies that extend upward, accommodating paint rollers in the freestanding position. Additionally, the rack may also be offered in a circular formation in which the hooks are positioned in the middle of the rack and vertical assemblies are positioned around the hooks. Additionally the rack should be used for storing rollers and brushes to extended life of the brushes and rollers.

To use, simply hang brushes on the hooks and insert rollers over the assemblies. Place the entire rack in the dishwasher and run it through the wash and dry cycle. Conversely people may also wash the brushes and rollers by hand and then hang them on the rack to naturally dry. Keep brushes and rollers on the rack for easy storage.

Financial information

Looking for an outright sale; license with royalties or other partnerships. I am flexible. The market potential is everyone that owns or rents a home or apartments.

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