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[Category : - SOFTWARES]
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There is provided a content delivery system in the form of a personal assistant, which is able to assimilate a search query from a user, identify the most relevant result and delivery the result to the end user via an audio output via an animated figure. The animations are synchronised with the audio output in order to provide the end user with the visual effect that the animated figure is delivering/speaking the results of the search query. Optionally, in order to aide with learning and to improve the end user's interaction with the animated figure the text of the search query is synchronously presented as the animated figure "speaks" the text. In a preferred embodiment of the invention the animated figure is a robot which is reading a book. As the text is spoken the robot is animated so as to present the illusion that the robot is reading the text from the book. The movement of the robot, eyes, mouth, facial expressions etc., are synchronised with the audio output so as to create an interactive experience for the end user. It is found that such an experience, a kinaesthetic experience, aides a user's understanding of the information presented therefore providing a more efficient interface for the user to assimilate the information.