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BACKGROUND- VOICE ,VOICE search and SEARCH are emerging field. Also there uses are vast including internet and IOT etc.Here is inventions related to VOICE search and Search.
COMMERCIAL USAGES – can be used by google,online shopping sites like Amazon etc,oracle, tweeter, facebook and other internet related companies. Can also be used wherever voice and voice search and search is needed.
As and when the user speaks –its converted to mail .similarly mail is converted to voice and read –so that user can listen to mail. even stored voices can be used to convert them to mail. Text to call/phone- text is converted to voice and call/phone can be made. This can also be used in automated calls.
Voice search in compiler, programming editors like eclipse etc.also voice commands in mstudio,eclipse etc and other programming editors like VB ,also is compilers. also operating them through voice commands. Voice operated search in social networking sites. also voice commands can be used to operated social networking sites. Voice reply can be given to voice operated browsers and sites. This can also be used in IOT.Voice reply to voice search in IOT can be done. In voice operated sites/devices voice reply can be given for voice commands. also this voice reply can be used to further ask questions or give options to the user to select for. this can be continued recursively till the operation ends or user is satisfied. This can be used in IOT,computers etc. When user does search/voice search –after search result /options are read out or given ->user can select or do further filtering through voice .This can be done recursively.
Image/video reply to voice search. also Image/video can be used to display options to user while searching/voice search.
Voice tweet can be tweeted. User can speak and tweet them on tweeter etc.
While booking tickets for movies- one can VIRTUALLY talk to movie stars or celebrities through net or phone etc. Precompiled/stored voices can be used to answer few questions by users. While selecting options during customer care calls – one can use voice to select options instead of typing options through mobile.
- Use Index of results –to ask for options to user while user does search. while user does search-one can show options to user from index of results.
Also for operations like physics calculation etc – further calculation process/better process/additional forgotten process/required calculation etc can be shown. If there is interdependency/circular lock between tasks/calculations –this also can be shown. Using machine address to know about user etc in search/ranking results etc
also Asking user to give parameter (category/attributes/products etc) to rank/show search results. This can also be used in shopping. History criteria or our shown option can be used in shopping etc. All these can be used in any kind of search.

Cache – categories/attributes from index can be used in cache. This can be altered or used without alteration. can be used in cache for search etc. In cache for search engine/social networking site/online shopping etc – have category and attributes. also mix respective related and important category and attributes with it.

- Voice message from phone call (stored in mobile) to social networking site like facebook etc.
Frequently used messages/wishes etc can be stored as template – like in sms.exAMple – wassup,how r u etc....-this can be used in IOT devices/Facebook/chat etc...
Phone call to internet call and visa versa in social networking site like facebook etc/chat/IOT devices etc... Sms to voice conversion in mobile .using those voice to call or invite people. Sms/alerts for important message/messages from particular person etc in social networking site in chat ,online shopping etc. This also can be used in IOT devices, TV etc. Sms alerts can be sent in online shopping-if there is a product/offer that user wants is there. Sms alerts can be sent about topics –which user wishes to get in onlineshopping,facebook etc.
Actual phone call conference through phone/mobile network -through social networking site like face book etc. Storing conference history. searching conference history like voice search/text search etc...

Ordering products in online shopping – through button –which does internet calling or other calling to support team etc. In online shopping – have button – if user clicks on this button – one can call customer care of company who runs online shopping .points in online shopping can be given to user. Also membership cards can be given in online shopping.
Phone contact import/export for various purpose like mails etc .also grouping within it and using those grouping for import/export contacts.

Assign Phone number of message to folder . later all messages from particular phone number goes to particular folder automatically. This is helpful in filtering spams, grouping messages from friends ,non-friends, family etc.sending messages by phone numbers in social networking sites.
Storing browsing history in mobile apps. Have activity history in mobile app-Like desktop one can have activity history in mobile app too.

Phone call to internet call and visa versa. This can also be done from social networking site like facebook etc. COMMERCIAL USAGE for this phone call to internet call and visa versa can be Skype ,any mobile or phone calling companies,google,facebook, etc.

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