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Golf Ball Grabber

[Category : - Golf]
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A golf ball-grabbing device including a cap affixable at the longitudinal extremity of the grip of a putter shaft and having a single central opening therethrough with finger-receiving guide notches therearound, and a movable grabber assembly having (a) a base member shaped to be movably retained within the shaft below the cap and (b) at least three non-destructibly resiliently-deformable resiliently-deformable strip-like fingers each having a proximal end secured to the base member, an arcuate ball-grabbing portion, and a distal end terminating in a camming member having a substantially-planar ball-engagable face, each finger slidably engaged within one of the notches. The movable grabber assembly is slidable with respect to the cap between a non-use position in which the arcuate portions of the fingers are contained only by the shaft and a use position in which the arcuate portions of the fingers are deployed outside the shaft and above the cap.

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