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The Post Collar increases the life of a wood fence for decades.

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The Post Collar protects the post at the grade. In addition to preventing rot fungus, it can also protect against weed eaters, whackers, trimmers, mowers, tillers, and many other gardening machines. They are made of heavy-duty galvanized steel, not plastic.

I have been manufacturing and selling them for a couple years now. I lack the marketing skills and capital. We have not had one complaint and have sold thousands, I just do not have the money to invest anymore. Home Depot will take them if we carry them to the register. This product needs a distributor and it would take off.

They realy do work! They will make a fence post last 30 years or better if properly installed.

This is a box store product. There are huge points to made at a three step level. If you have marketing skills this product will make a lot of money.

This is also a turn key operation. You can work with my manufacturer and I will also include my 85% stock in the Post Collar Inc. But ultimately you will own 100% of the patent.

Call me direct for more information. 408 680-6581

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