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[Category : - HEALTH- Heating & Cooling]
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Dear Sirs,

FORMES is a company specialized in health research, training and product development.

We are in contact with you with the aim of presenting you with a solution that represents a unique investment opportunity.

Currently, the vacuum and transport mattresses used in patient care do not provide the most effective and efficient solutions in rescues of patients with hypothermia or hyperthermia requirements, for example, in the sea, mountains or desert areas.

The Formes patent (EPO) responds to the shortcomings existing in current products, with a minimum cost of adaptation in the process of producing mattresses, alleviating the need to include external power supplies, batteries or complex technological equipment and allowing for a rapid change of mattress temperature and patient stabilization.

The temperature change mechanism (cold/heat) uses a system of consumables that is easy to use and transport, clean and sustainable with the environment. All this facilitates the cleaning and repeated use of the mattress without having to go through complex proprietary processes.

This evolution in mattresses offers an opportunity to improve the interest of the potential market (hospitals, health care centers, emergency response units, and throughout the armed forces) and customer loyalty through the marketing of the aforementioned consumables.

Today there is no manufacturer or distributor that offers a similar solution and the alternative products present problems such as:

? Vacuum or transport mattresses with no possibility of adjusting the patient's temperature.
? Thermal mats that need external power supplies.
? Non-reusable instant ice bags, with which you cannot cover all the
body and that are not stable during transport.

In short, a low risk investment with great potential benefits both in the direct marketing of mattresses and consumables.

We are at your disposal to provide additional information regarding this opportunity. [Use the button below to contact me]

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Private Ambulance Companies

Health Care Systems
Departments of Defense, Army, Navy, Coast Guard
Public Ambulance Companies
ERT / Rescue teams: Public and Private
Beachside communities, Hotels, Tourism areas

VACTHERMATT® and THERMATT ® are a part of an extensive line of services and products available through FORMES, S.L.

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