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Safe Waze

[Category : - SOFTWARES- Navigation and orientation- Security and alarms]
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A system and method for sharing information about obstructions in a pathway informs a user and members of a network about an obstruction in a pathway. A user or members of network observe and record the obstruction, and share the information in a database. The information can be in the form of global positioning system coordinates, comments, images, audible alerts, and anecdotes. A geographical database and a global positioning system operatively connect to a portable communication device of user to alert and notify about the obstruction and also, provide additional information the pathway. The user and members of the network may verify and add information about the obstruction, and then share this updated information with other members of the network. Further, a proprietor of the pathway is notified about the obstruction, so as to remove or repair the obstruction, or process cost estimates and for litigation and insurance purposes.

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