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Potential Energy Storage Engine

[Category : - Motors]
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The present invention is a linear internal combustion free-piston engine with three acting pistons per combustion chamber, that has the ability to store energy until needed. This engine utilizes a spring to store potential energy after combustion. The present invention also introduces additional air into the combustion chamber during the combustion cycle providing a more complete burn of the fuel, has the ability to self-start, and does not idle. Multiple engines can be married together and run as a single unit.
Additionally various types of fuel can be used in this engine because heat from high rpms is not an issue. It takes a very small amount of fuel (vapor, a drop etc) for each combustion cycle. This engine is designed to be the most economic combustible engine on the market. The possible applications the Potential Energy Storage Engine could be utilized in are quite numerous. It’s the first engine in the world to add additional air into the combustion chamber during a combustion cycle.

Financial information

I am looking to sell this patent outright unless there is an opportunity presented in which I was hired to be involved in the building and developing of the engine. I’ve had some interest from Bank on IP for this patent but haven’t marketed it for sale until now. I am currently involved in another project and in need of cash flow for that business. Some potential markets for this engine include generation systems small and large, vehicles of all types and smaller engines for mowers etc. The potential applications are vast.