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Conversion Blazer - Blazer that converts into a Raincoat

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A 2 in 1 Men's blazer that converts into a raincoat.

Our design allows a Men's blazer or suit jacket to be sealed fully up to the neck, and has an attachable hood to keep your head covered and dry. No more umbrellas and no more bulky raincoats to the office.

We own the design for a classic blazer. We fully acknowledge that there are plenty of nice, cool raincoats out there, but you're not going to wear them to a client meeting. Our design is the only design on the market which uses this classic design to allow you to fit perfectly into an office, happy hour, or hostile weather environment. We know that the one item every guy must own is a classic blazer, so why not upgrade the blazer and offer two coats for the price of one?

The market and why our design is superior:

You can easily find plenty of hooded blazers out there and some of them are noted in our patent.

There are three main differences as to why our coat is the best on the market:

1. No other coat embraces the classic blazer that every man needs. We have lapels, pockets, flaps, buttons, and classic blazer stitching that men look for when buying a blazer.

2. Our blazer design is the only design that truly keeps water out. Since our hood snaps on over the popped collar, our hood won't let water seep into the jacket. All the other hooded blazers on the market use hoods that zip in under the lapel. You might be able to keep your head dry, but water is going to pour through the center of the blazer where the zippers end.

3. Our design doesn't just look like a hoodie under your blazer. All the other designs look like you're rocking a hoodie under your blazer, which can look too casual in formal environments. We want you to have the ability to be a chameleon. Our blazer takes you from the board room to the bar, and you're going to fit in either place.

Financial information

Website: Link Website is being used as a sell sheet for the patent.

Instagram handle: @conversionclothingco
Facebook: Link

Our Intentions:

Our goal is to license or sell the patent to a company that's already up and running and shares similar goals with us. We just want to save people time and keep them prepared with useful, purposeful clothing. We think that this kind of coat would be the next logical step for any company with the goal to sell functional clothing. Your customers may already expect clothing to prepare them for heat, sweat, stress, and/or travel; why not prepare them for rain as well?

We started this idea when we saw a gap in the marketplace for a classic style upgraded to modern needs. Recently we've seen travel jackets and new rain coats come from Fisher and Baker, Taylor Stitch, Lulu Lemon, UnTuckit and even some more classic labels like Banana Republic and Gap. Companies are catching on and the market is headed in this functional direction -- but none of their raincoat designs have replicated the classic blazer well. You could not wear those jackets to job interviews or weddings as they just aren't the same as a true blazer.

Our website is Link which showcases all the features. To be clear, the website is simply meant to be a sell sheet for the patent/design. If this is something you would be interested in, we would be more than happy to take down our site, video, and instagram handle to allow you to market this as your own product. We'd also be open to allowing you to use ANY of our photos or videos already in use.

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