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Vertically retractable safety platform for trains.

[Category : - Security and alarms]
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A retractable safety platform system for use between a train and a station platform, to thereby ensure a passenger will not fall or be pushed onto a path of the train, includes a rigid barricade platform adapted to be anchored to an outwardly facing side of the station platform registered along a vertical plane, and a mechanism for automatically reciprocating the barricade platform along a vertical linear travel path upon detecting first and second triggering events respectively. The linear travel path is defined along the vertical plane extending above and below a top surface of the station platform. In this manner, the barricade platform is displaced from a lowered retracted position to a raised extended position when the first triggering event is detected. The barricade platform is displaced from the raised extended position to the lowered retracted position when the second triggering event is detected.

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