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(The Torque Cork) (re- bottling) Preservation for wine and liquors

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(Provisional patent application) awaiting #.To start, you can be confident in knowing that the bottle you use to re-bottle is sealed. The main purpose of my invention is to permanently seal a bottle while giving the ability to easily open in a flash. Some people really have trouble opening corked bottles; I aim to provide a solution. Rotating a cork into the bottle neck could provide a tighter seal which can help against harmful oxidation. Stoppers and other replacements are great but I would love to see this product make it to market! There is a difference between a universal cork and a stopper with the ability to hand seal bottles which are placed in the bottle by hand; I would say that they are mostly just efficient stoppers. My product is considered a Cork and not a stopper. My invention would be desired because of the functionality; the handle spins until tightened and gives a user control of how they want to seal their bottle; not by pushing or shoving but by gradual rotation and a push or pull. It would be very hard to have a cork submerge into the bottle neck without my product which provides for preservation of wine. Another added benefit is that because of it being synthetic, it has the ability to be sanitized before sealing as opposed to using the original cork or a replacement which gives a chance of contamination from being outside the bottle. Also, the traditional way of opening a bottle would be enhanced not taken away. People desire a simple approach to open and seal their bottle. The ceremonial POP of a bottle opening would not be taken away but enhanced with a spinning handle and a pull from the bottle. Another reason that tradition would be enhanced is because The Torque Cork can be used as many times as he or she wishes with the same bottle of wine or a different bottle used for leftover wine; re-sealing, re-opening and re-bottling. A person can screw on a cap that has the ability to provide an assisting air tight seal. A rotating synthetic cork with an internal paddle like hardware for slip resistance with normal threading and reverse threading. The torque cork is made of rubber or plastic polymer just soft enough to be compatible for most bottles as a standard size. The Torque Cork could come as a product with three different sizes to reach most bottles on the market; a standard, medium and large Torque Cork.
Also , it protects from individuals who could try to open the bottle. Once sealed, absolutely nobody can open the bottle without the rotating thread key which gives security. The special cog like rotation key increases the users capability to have strength when opening a bottle. When rotated, either clockwise or counterclockwise and with a moderate twisting, pulling or pushing motion, the rotating key can thoroughly seal a bottle and re-open when desired. The rotating key has the ability to be used on the reverse side to utilize reverse threading on the inside threads of Torque Cork.
The Torque Cork is used as follows:
1. Place the Torque Cork in the opening of the bottle, then; apply the rotating key onto the top of the Torque Cork threading. Spin in a clockwise direction until tightened. Once tightened, firmly press into the bottle neck while continuing to rotate clockwise until the Torque Cork is lower than the lip of the bottle neck ( for freshness and safety). Lastly, twist the finishing seal cap onto the Torque Cork.
Which can be any shape or style

2. To open a corked bottle using The Torque cork: unscrew the seal cap, then apply the threaded rotation key to exposed threads of the Torque Cork by using the reverse side; to utilize reverse threading which will give the user the ability to securely pull the Torque Cork out of the bottle to pour beverage. The Torque Cork can be reused frequently.
Since the Torque cork is made with a synthetic material, the product opens windows to the future of wine corking. Also, a re-corking system is great if done correctly but I don't think the other re- re- corking products utilize an increase of rotation; not just for the top of the bottle neck but deeper in the neck of the bottle with an added length. Using a deep rotation rather than straight pressure could in turn help preserve. The Torque Cork is unique and can change the way some wines are sealed and preserved. Because of the unique design; the internal hardware twists the whole cork body from the inside out; which in turn, gives the user the ability to twist and pull the cork out of the bottle. The Torque cork works and has the ability to drive the cork down the bottle neck and out of the bottle in a timely manner.
Benefit recap:
1. Confidence in a stronger seal
2. Perfect to re-bottle leftover wine
3. Super fast easy to use. I predict under 10 seconds to open a bottle.
4. An Attractive spinning handle
5. No contamination
7. No cork screwing; simply spin and pull.
8. Heavy duty; durable and can last a long time
9. The ability to use a cap over the cork for freshness seal
10. Possible use for industry wine makers and bottlers.

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