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Hole in One Digital Verification System

[Category : - Golf]
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This invention relates to a system for evaluating a golfer's claim of a single stroke achievement such as a hole-in-one, a nearest-to-the-pin, or other single stroke performance, and to a method of forensic identification giving effect to the system while minimising observer impact.

The rules of golf allow a player to accept a prize for a hole-in-one without a limit in the value of the prize and, in the case of an amateur player, without affecting the player's amateur status. Since a prize for an achievement such as a hole-in-one may include a substantial cash amount, a car, a boat, a holiday and a house (by way of example) the importance of being able to verify a player's claim of this type of achievement is evident.

Generally, in a golf game, only other players or witnesses to an event can substantiate or repudiate a player's claim of a particular achievement. Due to human factors a player's claim or a witness report of a particular event can vary or be in error.

It is therefore desirable to be able, with forensic reliability, to identify an achievement and substantiate or repudiate a players claim with empirical evidence using scientific observation techniques without introducing an observer effect or non-standard equipment into a golf game.

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