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Convertible Bullet-proof Backpack

[Category : - Wearing apparel- DESIGN PATENTS]
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A convertible bullet-proof backpack and vest includes a body section divided into a front portion, a middle portion, and back portion. The middle portion has a head slot opening, and the front and back portions have respective sections of bullet-proof fabric integrated therein. A zipper runs around an outer perimeter of the front and back portions. In a backpack configuration, the front portion and the back portion fold toward each other and the zipper secures the outer perimeters of the front portion and the back portion together thereby forming a hollow backpack interior between them. In a bullet-proof vest configuration, the zipper is unzipped thereby allowing a user to insert their head through the head slot opening such that the front portion hangs in front of a torso of the user and the back portion hangs behind the torso of the user.
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