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Cosmetic drying rack

[Category : - Beauty, clothes & personal articles- DESIGN PATENTS]
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Sources show by 2023, the cosmetic industry will be worth over 805.61 billion dollars. This cosmetic drying stand will be a part of that monetary gain. How you dry your application sponges is just as important as cleaning them. Why clean your makeup sponges to then turn around and have them lay directly on a dirty counter, where they can get water build up which leads to mold and other problems, This cosmetic drying rack is here to help solve that problem! This rack is a reversible drying stand that is a must for every household, movie set, job and any other field of work that requires cosmetic sponges. From the sleek design, stackable shape for storage, ease of use, practicality and the wide array of sponges it is compatible with, this drying stand is ready to take the cosmetic world.

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This is currently on the market for sale and has received very positive feedback and buyers. Upon negotiations, brand name and marketability is agreeable to change.

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