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Removeable and adjustable Car door protecting mitt

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A reusable car door protecting device that is easily attached, detached and reattached to a vehicle door edge by hand whilst either sat inside or stood outside a vehicle. Totally flexible and attached by magnetism, meaning it can be applied to any part of the outer steel edge of a car door, wrapping around to the interior steel edge giving all round protection. The magnets would be bonded to a configuration inside the material so that when folded they will hold the mitt together meaning it will fit neatly in to a car door pocket. Once folded, as it will be made of a high quality microfiber or terry towel to make a de mister and duster.
Now that cars are getting bigger and car parking spaces are not scrapes and dents are more common, this is a great devise for anyone that has issues getting in or out of their car in tight spaces, or people with children.

Financial information

Ideally I'd like to offer my patent for license with myself receiving a small royalty however if a sale would be preferred I'm open to offers.
I also have the trademark for Magmitt registered UK00003036264.
I also own & URLs
I believe this invention would suite the UK market as cars are getting so much bigger yet car parking spaces are not with space a premium. According to a BBC article "accident exchange which loans courtesy cars estimate there had been a 35% rise in parking accidents since 2014 and said that the number of crashes and scratches while parking was now costing UK insurers about £1.4bn per year.
Parking related incidents now account for more than 30% of all accidents"

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