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Leo-polarizer for treating a fluid flow by magnetic field

[Category : - Motors]
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A device for magnetic treatment of a fluid flow preferably comprises a spirally-shaped conduit having spiral turns with a null step therebetween, and a cross-section for passing the flow therethrough, inner magnets internally circumferentially surrounding the turns coupled to the conduit, outer magnets externally circumferentially surrounding the turn. Each inner magnet is situated opposite to a respective counterpart outer magnet, so that the North (or South) pole of the inner magnet faces the South (or North) pole of the counterpart magnet. The magnets can be made of specific sizes, materials, covered by magnetic yokes.; In a multi-layer embodiment, the device comprises a steel tube enclosed into and supporting an inner cylindrical magnet, a spirally-shaped conduit consisting of a number of layers, and rows of outer magnets consisting of magnets circumferentially surrounding predeterminedly chosen layers, and having magnetic fluxes uniformly directed either from or to the center of the cylindrical magnet.

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