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Food conversion into tablets-min. changes to structure-technology

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1) Concept
The Efficient Food of the Future concept has been developed by analyzing the effects of massive population growth, rising food pollution (in developed countries between 35- 50% of the inputs going to garbage) and the consumption of raw materials/the energy needed to produce it. Also food quality deterioration (excess of sodium, sugar, saturated fat, etc.) with the increase in the number of systemic diseases and, last but not least, byrnobserving the predilection of new generations towards fast food.rnBased on food-specific studies, a four-year research has been carried out that has led to the development of a product / concept / know-how / innovative food technology, nowrnin the prototype phase, which has the qualities required for some sustainable future products, which can meet the challenges of the food industry. There is a national patent application submitted in the Q1‘2015 (national protection until 2035), published in BOPI and expected to get a final answer by 2020 the latest, according to OSIM procedures. The relevant Knowhow is not included in the patent application, for several reasons related to the security of intellectual property rights. It will be patented after identifying an interested partner and outlining an optimal version to be implemented: jurisdiction, legal, fiscal, operational. Stages of research/application: are successfully completed, the theoretical and experimental phases. With the first one, the assumptions were confirmed, and the second concluded conclusions about the efficiency of the technology and the potential manufacturing costs involved. Other 9 - up to 12 months and an investment up to 0.5MrnEur, the objectives are expected to be achieved. A prototype production laboratory will be financed by the targeted amounts, which will allow upgrading and patenting of the prototypes, respectively the valorization of the research.rnrn

2) Issue to solve
The world's population is currently 7.7 billion, and will reach 10 billion people in 2055. All of these people have a primary need for food. It is already in implementation the sustainable food production concept, since the consumption habits change. The vision of major food producers is that the next decade will transform the current feeding process into a strictly functional one, with the diminishing of the pleasure component.rnrn

3) Benefits
Provides:Shelf life of approx. 5 years, without the use of preservatives. Possibility of promotion as natural products with high addressability and personalization - It is possible to process high protein products (ex meat) and to obtain a final productrndirectly consumable and that does not require further preparation (already fried and seasoned meat). Ensures the promotion of convenience and accessibility. - Expands the possibilities of using honey (Romania is the largest European producer ofrnhoney) by eliminating its classical disadvantage (leaking). There is no similar product available on the local / international market, powder / honey tablets that retain their initial state food propertiesrn-The final products are compact in tablets and / or powders, optimizing the logistics of their utilization and facilitating / expanding the possibilities of utilization (e.g. effervescent tablets, etc.). The need for packaging is much smaller. All of the above are the result of individual tests undertaken by the inventorrnrnWe can consider that at local or international level, there is no similar solution (as results) with those offered by this future patent.

Financial information

We are targeting an association with an investor who will provide an investment of no more than 0.5M Eur, in order to upgrade the prototype and develop a certifiable laboratory, with which it will be possible to patent the know-how held and the resulting products.

Although the main approached is the food sector, the patent will be equally easy to apply in fields of: agriculture, medical, cosmetic, military. The food production sector in Romania is estimated at about 11 billion Euros / year and the production of medicines at about 0.6 billion Euro / year. Only focusing on these two local markets, for a market share target of 1 per 1,000, both yield an annual revenue outlook of about 10-11 million Euro / year.

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