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3D Food printer vending machine for sandwiches and cakes

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1) Concept
The multipurpose 3D food printer and "cartridge" food printer works as a vending machine and is designed to produce sandwiches and cakes in various combinations, depending on the consumer's options.
The advantage among the existing models on the market is that Reebo has a large number of print heads (can exceed 20), has a shorter serving time for the final product - about 2 minutes depending on the product's complexity, and the consumers have the option to select the desired ingredients and combining
them even according to the number of calories you want.

2) Issue to solve
The needs that this product covers cover fastness, convenience, proximity, trends that are already on the food market and which will become stronger in the future.

3) Benefits
• Multiple injection heads
• Designed to function as a vending machine, which allows large amounts of ingredients, reduced time to produce, selecting ingredients according to consumers needs, taking into account calories, occupation, lifestyle, even medical conditions.
• Easy and safe to use
• Keeping the properties of the product for a longer period through the integrated cold system
• Horizontal development of the business by producing consumables and refillable food cartridges
• Sustainability - low energy consumption and little raw material used in order to have a minimum of food waste

Financial information

Solutionsfor the capitalization of a prototype:
1. Atract an associate/ investor for the development of the industrial prototype. In this stage we are targeting an association with an investor who will provide an investment of no more than 0.25M Eur, in order to upgrade the prototype and develop a certifiable laboratory, with which it will be possible to patent the know-how held and the resulting products.
2. Selling the prototype, totally or partially

The market: Food market in Romania, Europe, the US and even Asia. Only in Romania, the food production sector is estimated at around 11 billion Euros /year. The position of the 3D feed printer on the market can be compared to that of the vending machine for coffee, but it will be able to surpass it by its very applicability and outstanding features.

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