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Shirt Stay System/Set of Clothes

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Perfect for someone who is starting their own designer clothing line or wants to add to their existing one, up for sale are the ownership rights to two pending US patent applications for the "Shirt Stay System". One is a nonprovisional utility application, the other is a design patent application. Both have been filed with the USPTO. Granted patents are valuable, but it is less known that filed applications are also valuable transferable assets, just ask any patent attorney. Please see all pictures and if you wish to see the rest of them and read the applications in detail, please contact me. You get both applications for $10,000 or best offer. This deal is also available on eBay: Link

- This outfit would be perhaps best marketed for its ingenious “Shirtspenders” design, in which two large buttons on both the front and back of the jeans are inserted through corresponding button holes in a shirt or jacket also made by the same brand, so that the jeans remained suspended by the shirt, thus eliminating the need for a belt or suspenders. Snap fasteners could also be used in place of the conventional buttons. This design would prevent annoying issues such as shirt ride-up and pants sag while allowing the wearer an “untucked” look.

- Another distinctive feature of the jeans would be their “arrow bottoms”, or the overlapping fold causing the pant legs to bear a “^” shaped negative space where fabric would normally cover the front of the ankle. This was inspired by the fact that footwear such as high top shoes are partially covered by normal jeans, and this design allows for clearance.

- A third unique feature of this design is the double pockets, which use the same overlap pattern as the rest of the garment to create pockets with two compartments.

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