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Gas valve turns off gas stove when smoke detector is activated

[Category : - Life-saving; Fire-fighting]
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Embodiments of the invention are directed to systems and methods for automating the operation of a solenoid valve to prevent overheating of solenoid elements. The solenoid valve controls the flow of a fluid, such as gas, and may be automatically interrupted, or shut-off, of power upon the occurrence of fluctuating currents or other events. Once the problem has been removed or repaired, the flow of fluid through the solenoid valve may resume. Product demo can be seen here, Click: it: Link

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The gas valve can also be controlled via cell phone apps, If you forgot that you are cooking at home, you can turn off your gas stove even away from home. Just use your cell phone or let your smoke alarm to shut it off for you." It has a safety features that can only be reset manually at home.

The newly invented safety electrical device is candidate for Building Code as an added consumer safety device. Product demo can be seen here, Click: it: Link Product demo can be seen here, Click: it: Link