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Nicotine protocol extraction from Nicotiana tabacum (e-juices)

[Category : - Organic Chemistry]
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The following protocol is delivered both to professional laboratories scientists that would use its product as alkaloid reference for any characterization investigations such as chromatography, spectrometry and spectroscopy and to DIY fun mainly for recreational purposes. It permit to reach incredibly high nicotine freebase content (>90%) in a really cheap way, economically feasible to scale up. In program, for the next future, the expansion and diversification of the recipe integrating it with natural flavours and anti-craving used as “aid” for quit-smoking by vaping.

Financial information

The inventor would be thankful to receive donations via bank transfer to the Unicredit Bank account IBAN: IT3J 02008 39691 000401375002 Beneficiary: Antonio Silvestro, Causal: Nicotine protocol for e-juices..

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