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Clean Bite™ "World's most advanced single use toothbrush!"

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Clean Bite™
The World’s Most Advanced Single Use Toothbrush
U.S. Patent 8,292,624


• Shaped like a double mouthpiece, the Clean Bite™ contains almost 800 bristles and is a single-use toothbrush
• Provides 60-90 seconds of utility, and thereafter dissolves and can be ingested or disposed
• Dentifrice is contained in four separate reservoirs located on the horizontal plane between the bites and upon the first compression, small ports rupture providing equal distribution
• Xylitol is a primary component of the dentifrice used in the Clean Bite™
• Bristles are set at 45° to the gum line N.B.: The Clean Bite™ provides perfectly positioned bristles at 45° to better brush the teeth and gums (recommended by the ADA)
• Bristles brush the teeth, gingival margin, and tongue
• The frontal port enables breathing in the event that the user is congested
• Comprised of Gelatin and other GRAS materials
• The Clean Bite™, when consumed, may be employed as a delivery system for vitamins, nutrients, medications, and possibly microencapsulated vaccines in developing countries
• Water soluble and biodegradable
• Comes in different flavors and sizes for both adults and children
• 24 times the surface contact area in comparison to the traditional brushes
• Both design and material formulation are U.S. Patented
• Primary market in the USA is “at risk children” who receive free or reduced-cost meals at school and are 3x’s more likely to have untreated caries (8+ billion USDA sponsored meals/yr.)
• Other Markets: Military, Disaster relief, Travelers, Hospitals, Prisons, Managed Care Facilities, NGO’s, Foundations providing support to Developing Nations, et al

Clean Bite, LLC
Haverford, PA 19041 USA
Phone | 610.520.9941
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Financial information

The U.S. Patent for Clean Bite is controlled by Clean Bite, LLC located in Haverford, PA, U.S.A. Offers to buy this patent, in whole or in part, or the purchase of licensing rights to manufacturing in domestic and/or foreign regions might also be negotiated. Clean Bite, LLC will evaluate any business offer it feels in its sole discretion to be potentially viable. For more information on Clean Bite, LLC and other Clean Bite products, visit: Link or email [Use the button below to contact me] to have your written interest reviewed. No verbal conversation or discussion is to be recognized or interpreted as an offer to either sell or buy any asset(s) unless by written Agreement, signed by all Authorized Parties to such an Agreement.
Clean Bite ™? is Trademarked in the U.S.A.c