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FIELD: test and measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to instrumentation and can be used to control the parameters of long objects and extended areas in various environments. Information-measuring fiber optic cable having four sensitive fiber-optic pairs, each of which contains two parallel cylindrical quartz glass fibers parallel to each other along a common generatrix, placed in a common light-reflecting shell, are fixed on the surface of all devices of an oil and gas pipeline. Optical pulses are generated and fed to the input of the reference channel of each sensitive pair, optical signals are obtained at the outputs of all pairs of the cable and their photoconversion to electrical signals is performed, then these electrical signals are synchronously detected, integrated, amplified and converted into space-time distributions of curvature, bending forces, vibration fields and temperature along the main oil and gas pipeline. To perform these operations, a device is used that includes a pulsed coherent laser, connected through an optical amplifier and optical connector to the input of an information and measuring fiber optic cable that is successively fixed on the surfaces of all devices of the main oil and gas pipeline, and the output of the cable also through the optical connector and the photodetector unit is connected to the input of a demodulator whose output is connected to a series-connected analog-to-digital converter (ADC) unit, a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) processor, computing device and a video terminal, the second output of the ADC unit being directly connected to the second input of the computing device, the third input of which is connected to the output of an additional installed buffer memory.EFFECT: The main advantage of the method is the ability to measure continuous distributions of vector parameters, for example, curvature and torsion of the pipeline, as well as to process the controlled value with the help of the measuring waveguide line in the process of control, higher accuracy and selectivity of the control due to expansion of a range of the data at the control of the state of the main oil and gas pipeline. 22 cl, 11 dwg

Financial information

The economic and environmental efficiency of monitoring the state of the main oil and gas pipelines by the presented method is determined by the elimination of multi-billion (in us dollars) annual damage from their accidents. According to official data, the annual loss from accidents is 3% of the volume of produced and transported oil.
I want to make direct sale of the patent in the territory of Russia and on a contract basis to continue work on industrial introduction of this invention. Previously, it was not sold or sold.
The potential of the market. In the US and Russia alone, there are more than 500,000 km of trunk oil and gas pipelines, 30% of which have significant wear and tear or are located in areas with a high probability of man-made accidents and seismic activity. In addition to oil and gas pipelines, the present invention is applicable for monitoring the condition of: product pipelines, utility pipelines, flexible pipelines and hoses, cable-ropes, power cable lines, construction tower and mast structures.
There are no other intellectual property items related to my invention.

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