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[Category : - Golf]
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A putting training apparatus is a putting training aid for teaching the accuracy of aim when putting in the game of golf. A rectangularly shaped elongated planar member, which has a flat top surface with markings that guide the user to hit the ball with a putter along a straight trajectory and into a putting cup in the elongated planar member at the opposite end from the putting end. An attachable guide having a marker attaches to the putter that the user attempts to keep placed above an offset straight line helping the stroke to move along the straight path.
What we have found is the true and actual Control Point of the Golf Putter that has allowed the inventor to produce a teaching tool that will automatically provide the user with the knowledge of how to Putt a straight line to the green break with each and every stroking attempt. it is our thoughts that the consistent making of the putts will ingrain the mind and body memory circuits that will automatically teach the user the correct and true putting stroke that is needed for the golfer to become successful in the art of putting the golf ball. The same stroke can be used for the chipping game, once the golfer has ( thru much practice ) learned how to putt the ball, the same benefits are natural for the chipping game.
The Inventions can also be used to convert all golf putting carpets of various styles and lengths from being none trainers to automatic and instant Trainers while providing new carpets of the future with our special design, all of which are instant trainers.
Please take note, at this time there is no such animal as a commercial golf training carpet, they provide the means for putting the golf ball while attempting to make the putts, but fall short in sharing a positive method to control the putter face plate thru the stroking and making contact with the golf ball. Our Craig Putt Master will provide the training aspect totally automatic and totally Guaranteed.
Our Putt Master inventions are pure trainers at the very lowest cost factors that are designed to succeed by giving the golfers of the world a tool to drop there golf handy caps with a smile on their face.
Quick note: These inventions have been tested and highly recommended by KATHY G JENSEN the 2014 National Golf Instructor of the year and current President of the IEPGA.

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