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Simplysweep-Cabinet Mounted Automatic Dustpan

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment- Appliances and houseware- Cleaning devices]
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Have you ever wanted to just sweep the dirt under the rug? Do you love the idea of a slide out trashcan in the kitchen, but wish it would do more? Here is your opportunity. The Simplysweep dustpan is designed to make it easy to keep your floor clean and take the frustration out of sweeping. No more bending over. No more dust pan. No more dirt left on the floor. Quickly sweep any debris toward the intake opening under the counter and turn on the unit with a tap of your toe. The Simplysweep suction pulls the dirt directly into a collection bag. Leave any floor spotless in far less time than sweeping or vacuuming alone.

When the collection bag is full, simply remove it and dispose of it in the trash. The shelf glides out for easy access to the vacuum canister. Reinstalling a new bag is simplicity itself.
The Simplysweep operates exactly like a central vacuum cleaner dustpan, but without the need for extensive construction or all the expense. It can be installed in any 12 inch wide cabinet space with room left over for a trash container. The canister incorporates a powerful vacuum motor which will even pick up gravel.

Financial information

We are looking to license the Simplysweep technology, although we are willing to look at an outright sale as well as investment in manufacturing and sales distribution.

Preliminary evaluation of the market appears to be very good for new construction and remodels. The retrofit market will require skilled installation. There is also the possibility of a DIY market for skilled handymen.

Solid Works drawings for all parts are complete. Many prototypes have been installed in homes throughout the country.

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