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Food additives application technology.

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******Patent pending in the United States of America.*****
The proposed technology saves an important amount of powdered food additives (principally flavours) in the manufacturing of stackable (examples includes Lays STAX from PepsiCo) and non-stackable potato chips and related snacks (examples includes Doritos also from PepsiCo).
The high cost of those food additives and the big market size of this industry translates in high potential economic rewards for this invention.
Currently used seasoning methods causes a significant waste of food additives and poor uniformity, those problems are often neglected and have a negative impact in the experience of consumers, principally affecting how flavours are perceived. Is important to highlight that wasted food additives can not be recycled due their high sensibility to air and humidity.

Our technology is radically different from the existing alternatives, principally because the generated flux of powdered food additives is notoriously more selective when colliding into the surface of the piece of food.
Two separated apparatus for stackable and non-stackable snacks where designed, sharing a common functioning principle.

Our technology was independently evaluated by a firm specialized in intellectual property, validating its originality, proof of concept, market appeal and superior features.

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