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Cabinet Jacks/ Adjustable Support Prop

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment- Tools]
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Cabinet Jacks/ Adjustable support tool
The Pinch Prop was designed to aid in the installation of kitchen wall cabinets and many other building materials. A must have tool for working solo creating a safer work place for the installer and materials being installed. My tool supports cabinets by the frame not by the inner bottom shelf. My tool can be setup prior to lifting the cabinet into place and has no wall repairs when finished.

This tool saves crew costs for contractors and is the extra set of hands most homeowners need while tackling many projects around the house.

I built my first one 10 years ago, spent 5 years telling people no, this tool was my "ace in the hole". 3 years ago I had so many people asking for them I couldn't say no anymore, so I applied for the patent and started manufacturing from my garage. I work 40+ hours as a full-time Finish Carpentry Foreman then come home and spend another 8-10 hours building tools. At this point my house and family are suffering as I have no time to maintain them and this product at this point,

I also have prototypes for hard cases, shipping/carrying boxes along with several accessories that I just do not have the time to finish.

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