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Method for measuring volume of contents of a vessel or pipe

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The invention provides a method to measure the resonance of a container or pipe and then use the change of resonance to measure changes in the pipe or vessel. This is achieved by observing the effect of resonance on a common oscillating circuit. A parasitic oscillation is set up that changes with the resonance of the pipe or vessel. This invention relies on a previously unknown behaviour of a public address system. The patent discloses how to measure the volume of a burette, the contents of a liquid gas container, an aerosol can by using items purchased from a music store. Patents "in addition to" have been applied for which will measure, leaks and flaws in a pipe and improve the flow in a pipeline. and detect sinkholes or cavities outside a pipe. The method is particularly useful for situations where intrusive measurement creates issues with product safety, toxicity or corrosivity and vessel or pipe integrity needs to be avoided. The method is also useful where access to vessels or pipes is difficult, such as pipeline inspection and in-situ measurement from a remote location is essential. Further, the method of this invention can also be used for measurement of miniscule quantities in microns or micro litres such as that of biofilm or algal growth. The patent has an unreserved clearance in a PCT prior art search.

Financial information

This invention is in the field of level sensors. The level sensor market is around US $5 Billion. The portfolio of patents provides for the detection of level, sink holes, build-up of biofilm composition and other matters.
If contacted I can provide as simple plan English plan of how to dscover the previously unknown behaviour of the PA circuit
1/ The circuit acts as a PA system
2/ The Larsen Effect is present
3/Parasitic Oscillation causes the circuit to be controlled by the resonance of the pipe or container.
I would encourage those interested to spend $500 to buy the equipment used to replicate the invention from your local music shop, then contact me.
The patent was written by and international patent expert. The PCT ruling places us in a very strong patent position this being the first Documentation of the previously unknown behaviour of this simple circuit.
We are seeking sale or cash /licence.

The Key benefits are
1/ Is on the outside of vessel or pipe
2/ Very low cost as it relies on a new behaviours of and existing circuit
3/Has very high levels of resolution- micro to nano resolution
4/ The development costs are very low are the components used in the circuit have been mass produced and developed for over 100 years.

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