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Motion X Geartrain

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U.S.A Patent # 16/825_387
Canada Patent # 3,076,440
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The patent relates to a gear-set which utilizes different circular pitch on each gears (unlike any conventional gear-sets). Instead of using the distance between two teeth as the working distance as in any conventional gearboxes, it utilizes the vertical displacement between two teeth while operating at angles other than evenly distributed under and above the gears' horizontal axis (like any conventional gearbox). In turn the new gear design can achieve a better efficiency due to a special configured arrangement of the gears. They also procure a better reliability due to the bigger teeth diameters allowed when compared to a same size conventional gearbox and result in a higher HP/Torque rating. Therefore if replacing a conventional gearbox with this new type, it can be physically smaller and provides a better HP/Torque rating. Replacing a conventional gearbox in any industry, will reduce energy consumption. Incorporating this new type of gearbox in power plants using rotary turbines, will result in an increase of power supply capacity. In automotive/transportation results in a decrease in fuel consumption.

The specially configured gear arrangement are design to achieve more Output torque than what is supplied to the Input while the speed ratio is 1 : 1, see website to confirm. The Motion X gearbox's maximum efficiency achievable is up to 125%.

The increase in efficiency is due to a special configuration and arrangement of the interacting gears, where the meshing teeth are pushing on each other at different angles than the conventional method. The principle is based on a lever model using a non-balanced method, where the conventional gear-sets are based on the principle of a balanced lever system.

Please visit Link for complete details on the basic operation theory, including videos of tests performed on the Motion X gearbox compared to conventional gearbox.

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