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Boot Attachment that allows walking on Mud, Push Poles for Mud

[Category : - Life-saving; Fire-fighting- Fishing and hunting- Boating]
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This invention is to provide a platform in the form of a shoe/boot for walking over ground which is too soft to support people with normal footwear. This technology is equally applied to the operation of push poles, trekking poles for said pliant surfaces. This invention allows a platform to be extracted from the sucking forces of a pliant surface such as mud. The platform could be mounted under a boot/shoe/push pole "foot" It could comprise a portion of the pliant surface out from beneath the platform by the pumping action created by, as example, walking. By forcibly removing portions of the pliant surface, i.e., debris, mud, snow, from beneath the platform housing, any seals, vacuums, tensile forces, or adhesive constituents are broken or disturbed sufficiently, such that the platform housing and the load disengage from the pliant surface. This anti suction attributes allows the said platform to be extracted form the surface of Mud etc. The platform also provides a large surface area for spreading out the weight of the load. Not withstanding, an action drives the pump portion through momentum forces created by the platform housing, such as articulations of a walking gait or an up and down pumping action.

Financial information

For Sale: A Total Business Package based on Walk, traverse, across mud via Anti Suction mud boots. For Safety, (SAR) Fishermen, Hunters, Photographers, the Market is massive. Same technology is also used as Anti suction Mud Poles trekking pole to further balance the Mud walker, (accessories market), larger model for use on smaller boats to push off mud banks and muddy shorelines without leaving the pole behind. Larger Model (3 models) For skinny water flats fishing over Mud bottom that sucks and holds standard push poles. This complete solution provides the purchaser a ready-made business that is market ready. Ie viable competition does not exist for this extreme location technology. Add to this accessories and enhanced models for future generation upgrades and this business is long term viable. Human to walk across mud and mud poles for boating and fishing enthusiasts. A great enjoyable very profitable market to be in. Caters for differing locations and Market segments. Govt, SAR, Recreational, Professional.

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