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D2O, H2, O2, antiseptic, nano powders ,( CO2F 1/467 )

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- Useful model is designed to produce D2O water, Brown gas on a production scale
colloidal solutions of silver, copper and other metals and their alloys, dietary supplements. The preparation of solutions occurs electrochemically, which leads to the formation of ions with a size of 1-3.5Nm 95% ion. Ions of this size have a number of advantages over ions obtained chemically (they do not accumulate in the body, high biological activity, shelf life).

- Areas of application of cluster silver, copper, gold and other metals: food additives, hygiene products, methods of treating wounds and burns, increasing the shelf life of food products, storage and preservation of water, preservation of biological samples, antiseptics, treatment of waste water of food and livestock enterprises. 3D printing of nanopowders, manufacturing of semiconductor products, etc.

- Targeted and integrated use of metal ions allows neutralizing an extensive list of harmful viruses, bacteria and spores. At the same time, do not harm humans and animal microflora. Some properties of metal ions allow for a long time to strengthen immunity in epidemic foci of infections, act as an enhancer of antibiotics, affect the rate of healing of wound surfaces, etc.
Utility Model Formula
1. An ionizer comprising electrodes, namely at least one anode and a cathode, the cathode being in the form of a housing in which at least one anode is disposed;
which differs in that
ionizer is flow-through and additionally contains circulation pump, inlet and outlet valves, ammeter, supply of power and tank for liquid;
each anode is made in the form of plates placed in the housing, and the supply voltage of the anode is 35-65 volts;
the housing has an initial opening in which there is an outlet fitting connected to the first end of the outlet pipe, and an inlet opening in which there is an inlet pipe connected to the first end of the inlet pipe, and the second end of the inlet pipe is connected to a liquid tank, wherein the inlet pipe is configured to supply liquid from the liquid tank
circulation pump is located on inlet pipeline;
Ammeter is connected in series with circle to cathode, power source and anode.
2. The ionizer of claim 1, wherein the second end of the supply pipe is connected to the supply valve.
3. The ionizer of claim 1, wherein the second end of the source pipe is connected to a liquid reservoir adapted to supply liquid from the housing to the liquid reservoir.

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